Hello world!

bandstandThis is actually the author’s daughter. He’s not very tech savvy, so I decided to start a blog for him to share his wonderful short stories. Since retiring, dad has been working on a book and a movie about a man from his small town in Central Illinois, and that has so far been a 12 year project.He also enjoys writing about his memories. and I think more folks should have the opportunity to appreciate them then just the family. Please feel free to comment, he loves feedback on his writing or his content. We both hope you enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hello Cousin! Whether the reader is Karl or Karl’s daughter, it’s wonderful that these stories are being published for the world to read. For Karl, this is Evangeline (Stan’s daughter) and I have a blog about nothing much that is updated now and then. For Karl’s daughter, Dad and Edna were first cousins. He thought a lot of her and her Christmas letters. He knew something was horribly wrong when one year the letter didn’t come. That was the year that Harry passed. Edna and I spent some good times visiting on the phone though she, like many of the cousins, came to know that if I was calling, it was bad news. Well, no bad news here. I love the stories. Stories of people are what history is. Too many people think that only the Rockefeller’s or Vanderbilt’s or Morgan’s or Edison’s are history. How wrong they are and how right Karl is to record these people for us.


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